Your Child’s Backpack Could be the Cause of Back Pain in Frisco, TX

Back Pain Frisco TXAdults aren’t the only ones suffering from back pain in Frisco, TX. It’s back-to-school season and your child’s backpack is a likely culprit for acute and chronic back pain, in addition to related injuries. Kids who carry a backpack to school are more likely to complain of pain in their backs, necks and shoulders. This is due to too-heavy backpacks that are often worn and lifted incorrectly. When a backpack is too heavy for a child to support, they will be forced to bend forward, causing pain and potential injury. Life Changing Chiropractic can help you identify common backpack problems and pick an item that will keep your child healthy and comfortable.

When shopping for a backpack this season, look for wide and padded shoulder straps. The backpack should have a padded waist strap and multiple compartments to prevent uneven shifting of objects. Make sure your child or teen knows to carry it with both straps on both shoulders to avoid uneven weight distribution. A backpack shouldn’t hang too low or be sized larger than the child’s torso. Carrying a backpack that’s too big or heavy is one of the most common causes of back spasms and ongoing low back pain. At your child’s back-to-school checkup, get an updated weight to make sure the backpack is never heavier than 10 percent of the child’s body weight. Heaviest items should be placed closest to the back. Talk to your child—and his or her teacher, if necessary—about what materials can be left at school or at home to lighten the load.

If you need help determining if your child’s backpack could be the source of their back pain in Frisco, TX, Life Changing Chiropractic can help. Our professionals are experienced with treating back pain in children, as well as in adults. Our team is devoted to healing and educating patients to prevent future back injuries. Many of the causes of long term back pain begin in childhood. Therefore, we help build a solid foundation for your child’s development now. Our experts can teach you how to avoid back trauma and identify spinal problems early on to prevent future issues as your child matures. In addition, once the source of the discomfort is diagnosed, our chiropractor will treat the cause of the ailment, not just mask the pain by addressing the symptoms. Chiropractic care means eliminating pain permanently. Call Life Changing Chiropractic at 972-584-0833 for ongoing relief of back pain in Frisco, TX.

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