Back Pain Frisco TX: How Your Child’s Backpack Could Be Causing Pain

Back Pain Frisco TXThe new school year is almost upon us and that means a return to serious back pain in Frisco TX.  What does a new school year have to do with back pain?  Plenty if you’ve ever seen your child struggle to carry an overloaded backpack every day.  While there’s no doubt that backpacks are the best way to carry books and school supplies – way better than using messenger bags or shoulder bags – because they distribute weight evenly across the body, using them incorrectly can mean a lot of young, aching backs.

How can your child’s backpack cause problems?

The human spine is made up of bones called vertebrae and between these vertebrae are disks that act as shock absorbers for any stress we put on our backs.  A heavy weight on the back, in the form of a loaded backpack, will pull us backwards and we compensate by leaning forward at the hips and back.  This abnormal bending can cause the disks and vertebrae to compress unnaturally, which translates to back pain in Frisco TX and possibly neck and shoulder pain as well.  

Carrying a backpack over one shoulder adds an extra layer of problems in that it causes the user to lean to the side to offset the weight, which means more stress on the neck and shoulders in addition to unnatural spinal compression.  Tight or narrow backpack straps that dig into the shoulders can also pinch nerves and cut off circulation, which can lead to tingling, numbness or weakness in the arms.

Is your child’s backpack a problem?

Yes, if any of these apply to him:
  ▪ He has to struggle to get his backpack on and off.
  ▪ He has to lean forward to carry his backpack.
  ▪ He has back, neck or shoulder pain.

How can you choose the right backpack and teach your child to use it correctly?

  ▪ Look at the way the backpack is made.  It should be lightweight and it must have wide straps – the wider the better.  It also helps if the pack has a waist strap.  A waist strap and multiple compartments allow a more even distribution of weight.  
  ▪ Show your child how to carry the pack correctly.  Before it’s stuffed with school books, try it on him to adjust the straps.  They should be short enough that the backpack sits close to his back; it should not hit him in the lower back or rear end when he walks. Tell him that he must always use both straps and if he has no choice but to carry a lot of heavy books, he should carry some in his arms and the rest in his pack.
  ▪ Weigh your child’s backpack so he knows what a pack at the proper weight should feel like.  Most doctors recommend that children carry no more than 10% to 15% of their body weight in their packs so if your child weighs 100 lbs, his pack should weigh no more than 10 to 15 lbs.  

Just because your children are young, that doesn’t mean that they can’t develop chronic back pain in Frisco TX.  If your child’s backpack or activities like sports cause them pain, bring them in to us at Life Changing Chiropractic.  Call us at (972) 584-0833 to schedule an evaluation.  To learn more about our practice, visit us online at

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