Lower Back Pain for Frisco TX Patients is Common

Lower Back Pain Frisco TXThose who suffer from lower back pain in Frisco TX aren’t a minority. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, more than 25 percent of adults have experienced lower back pain in the last 90 days, and around 80 percent of adults will experience pain in their lower backs at some point in their lives. Sometimes it comes on as you age and your skeletal structure changes. Other times an accident or strain, such as when you lift something heavy, can bring on pain in your lower back.

Your lifestyle can make you prone to lower back troubles, too. According to health and fitness website TargitFit, people who don’t participate in resistance training won’t have the muscle tone to keep their spines in place, and will be destined to suffer from chronic back pain that progressively gets worse as they get older. For many people, the recommendation to start working out isn’t the advice they want to hear but, for people with lower back pain in Frisco TX, it’s the solution that will help alleviate pain and make the chiropractor’s work more effective. Plus, if it means getting off costly pain medication, the only thing you have to lose are the expensive pharmacy bills and the side effects from the meds.

Of course, if you are currently experiencing lower back pain, you won’t want to jump full-bore into an exercise program. Even if you do regularly workout, it’s essential to cut back on your activity to keep from aggravating the condition. However, WebMD points out that going on full bed rest and eliminating activity isn’t the answer, either. One or two days of rest after the initial injury should be enough to get your lower back muscles on the mend, and simple, non-strenuous activity such as walking is more helpful than immobility for healing a sore lower back.

If you have lower back pain, whether it’s chronic or not, you should always seek professional treatment immediately instead of putting it off. When you wait to see if the pain will go away on its own, you’re taking a gamble that isn’t likely to end well. Fortunately, Life Changing Chiropractic is there for patients with lower back pain in Frisco TX. Chiropractic care doesn’t just mask the problem by covering up the symptoms. Instead, it treats the cause if lower back pain to provide long-term relief. With the professional care you get from Life Changing Chiropractic, you’ll be back on your feet and doing the things you love in no time.

Lower Back Pain Frisco TX
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