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Lower Back Pain Frisco TXIf you have lower back pain Frisco TX you are definitely hurting. It can be that constant ache or sudden short spurts of jabbing pain that makes you feel out of control. Mobility is limited and relief can not come too soon. Too many individuals suffer occasionally or constantly from lower back pain.

Back pain can be credited to a variety of sources. This intense pain can stem from injury, medical conditions such as arthritis and being overweight. Fortunately in most cases the pain doesn’t last and generally goes away in a few days. In the meantime there are things that you can do to avoid the pain to some extent or maybe all together.

Exercise has so many positive side benefits, helping to eliminate back pain being one of them.. Physical activity can help to ease muscle tension and inflammation. Yes a little rest might help but then get up and move.

Although it might seem hard staying within 10 pounds your appropriate weight can save you a lot of pain. Those added extra pounds might be enjoyable putting but the strain they can put on your body is not worth it.

There are so many negatives to smoking and adding to the list is the fact that smoking can increase back pain. Smoking hinders the flow of blood rich in nutrients to the spinal cord.

The position we sleep in can also aid in creating back pain. The best position is sleeping on your side with the knees pulled up slightly. If this doesn’t bring relief or this position is not your preference then talk with your doctor and he may have other suggestion using pillows and creating elevation.

You have probably heard it your whole life…stand up and sit straight. It is not a joke and mother does know best. Good posture habits benefits the spine. You need to choose a chair with good lower back support and is straight. If standing don’t put all your weight on one side take time to switch positions.

Lifting the wrong way can wreck havoc on your lower back. Don’t bend from the waist down. Squat with bended knees, pull in your stomach muscles and go up. Lifting is so commonly abused by many.

Tight clothes and high heels are not the way to go even though a fashion trend may be calling. You can be trendy and still be comfortable. But both of these can aggravate your back.

Don’t spend another day dealing with lower back pain in Frisco TX. Life Changing Chiropractic is here to help you stand tall and find pleasure in the simplicity of movement.

Lower Back Pain Frisco TX
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